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Fine Art & Rock Prints Info - Please Read -


Original Digital Artwork Pieces are created by hand, one at a time by the Artist. What this means is that each and every piece is inspected by the artist down to the smallest detail at every step of the process.  Every Original is created on the exact media intended by the artist for that piece.  Originals are created with the finest Archival and Conservation materials available. Originals are Signed and come with a Certificate of AuthenticityOrebyte Media Fine Art Pieces are sure to impress everyone who views them for many years to come.

Paper & Ink

Orebyte Media has put together a collection of stunning images that can be truly appreciated as works of Fine Art. Our Pieces are created with the highest quality Archival Fine Art Papers and Pigment Archival Inks. Many of our Traditional Black and White Pieces are printed on Exhibition Fiber Semi-Gloss Paper or Fine Art 100% Cotton Rag Museum Paper which removes any reflections from the paper surface, allowing for easier viewing. Many of our Color Pieces are printed on Exhibition Fiber, Soft-Gloss surface papers that produce a vibrant palette and accent the smallest of details in Black and White. We also print on Archival Silver Metallic Paper that produces a stunning piece that looks like silver reflective metal and has a bluish tint when viewed at different angles.  All of our Pieces and Framed Works are visually inspected at every step of the process for the most discerning Art Collectors.  

Original Pieces Printed on Archival Paper in Black and White or Color are rated to be Stable for Greater than 200 Years.  With no visible color shifts or fading.  Longevity is increased further when framed under UV Glass or Stored in an Album or Dark Storage.  Black and Gray Ink's are the most resistant to fading. 

Mat & Liner

The Mat & Liner is Archival Conservation Quality.  Mats are Acid-Free & Lignin-Free.  The White Gallery style mat is a double thick 8-ply mat that holds the art pieces away from the glass surface.  Artwork is secured to a Conservation back board using archival corners or strips that will allow for removal of art without damage.  We have a few standard 8-ply double-mats to choose from and have custom colors available.  Vivid White is our Standard Color.

Frames & Glass

Art Pieces are framed using Conservation Archival Gallery and Museum standards.  Framing your art will ensure it will last for many years. We Use a Custom Metal Matt Black Frame with a Silver Edge. We use Museum UV Glass  standard on all Framed Pieces.  Museum UV Acrylic is additional, contact us for pricing.  Museum Glass and Museum Acrylic has very little reflection and offers an unobstructed view of your art.  At times it can look almost invisible.  

Art Care

Fine Art Rag Museum Paper & Silver Metallic Paper Artwork is delicate, do not touch the printed surface area with your fingers & hands or use a brush or cloth to free dust.  Do not blow air from your mouth onto the surface as spit may get transferred.  To remove dust use Canned Air at 6 -12 inches in short low pressure bursts, always hold the can upright and vertical.  Tell your Framer not to touch the surface and give them a can of air if you decide to have it framed at a later time, ask them not to use tape for mounting and only use archival corners are recommended or archival strips for large pieces to mount artwork. Always use Acid Free Archival Materials when framing artwork.  

Exhibition Fiber Semi-Gloss Prints can be wiped lightly in one direction using a Micro-Fiber or Cotton cloth to free dust, or lightly with canned air.  Exhibition Fiber Prints are Sealed to prevent scratches and dust, they can be gently wiped by framers if needed.  Silver Metallic Prints can be wiped gently with a cotton cloth to free dust "only on the area with dust, and then blown with canned air. Be Very Careful not to spray the canned air upside down or at an angle, always spray "the first time" of a new can away from the artwork, as it will discharge some liquid.  Fine Art RAG Prints must not be wiped by anything at all, Only use canned air in short bursts vertically. Do not touch any part of the printed surface. Wear Cotton Gloves and hold on the corners. 

Only Touch the edges or corners of the paper when handling, using cotton gloves if available. The less people that handle your art the longer it will last. If you decide not to frame your Artwork immediately, please store it in the protective Art Bag in which you received it. Place Artwork flat in a portfolio, in a dark and dry area, with a constant temperature if possible.

To ensure long lasting color and contrast Hang Artwork out of constant direct sunlight. We recommend hanging art in a space that has little or no direct sunlight on the artwork surface.  The UV glass protects from sun and fluorescent light damage. Be aware that Heat from the Sun can cause degradation over time.  UV Glass is one of the best ways to protect your art from damage. 

Signed Editions

Pieces are Signed "Verso" On the Back of the artwork, by the artist, including all artwork details and dates. Signed Pieces are Originals and come with a Certificate of Authenticity showing that each print was hand printed and signed by the artist and also includes a description of the artwork. We recommend buyers purchase directly from Orebyte Media & Orebyte to ensure you receive an authentic pristine condition piece.  We recommend you Store the Certificate of Authenticity separate from the Artwork in a safe place and not attached to the back of frame, to prevent damage. 

If your artwork has been damaged please contact us for more information. We may be able to replace it, at our discretion, only if you have the Certificate of Authenticity, and the complete Artwork.  Do not attempt to remove artwork from the frame if damaged.  We will need the entire artwork and the Certificate of Authenticity to consider replacement options.  Certificate of Authenticity will not be replaced if lost or damaged, under any circumstances.    

Delivery & Shipping

Art Pieces can be shipped in 2-4 weeks or less in some cases, however Framed Pieces may take 4-8 weeks to be completed, such as with Custom Framing options.  Contact us immediately if you want to modify or cancel your order.  Delivery is not included in the price because we ship all of our pieces flat and in a secure method as not to cause damage.  Contact us for a private viewing if you are in the Southern California Area.

Resale & Exhibition

Orebyte Media Strictly Prohibits the Sale or Re-Sale of Artworks on Any Internet Website or Newspaper, including e-Bay or local publications.  Follow Art Care Framing guidelines or select a Framing Option when buying to ensure your art can be removed without any damage.  Orebyte Media Prohibits the Public Exhibition of Artworks.  If you are interested in a gallery viewing or exhibition please contact us for more information.  

Orebyte Media Prohibits taking High Quality Photos "including cell phone" of Unframed Artwork and Posting On the Internet, Scanning, Reproduction or Distributing Digitally.  If you do take a photo to share online, please take it at a "strong angle 45 degree" from the top, bottom, or sides, to prevent counterfeiting. 

Warranty & Satisfaction

Orebyte Media Guarantees that you will receive pristine Art Pieces & Framed Artworks.  We only replace items if damaged by carrier during shipping. Please contact us within 7 business days after receipt by purchaser if you notice any flaw in the artwork or framing.  We do not replace or exchange damaged prints due to improper framing,  handling or storage, if so it is at our discretion. Please Be Very Careful.  All orders are custom and we cannot refund your purchase. 

Customer must ship artwork back in the box it was received or in a secure method that will not cause damage to artwork. Email us for a Shipping Label if your item was Damaged during shipment. Some custom options may not be eligible for a refunded. In rare cases we may limit Artwork purchases to One per-person.  Purchasing the same piece in different sizes or media is usually acceptable.  

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