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Misha Dontsov is a Visual Artist, living and creating in New York. His passion includes Street Photography, Glamour, Fashion, and Artistic Nudes.  He specializes in Monotype Prints. 

Misha received his M.A. in Communication Design from Pratt Institute in New York City and B.A. in Graphic Design from Art College, in St. Petersburg, Russia

"My life is my painting, pick a color, the one that you like and paint over the yesterday's old stale drawing... pick a color... pick a color you like, pick a color you love... and splash over the stale old patterns... create with a clear decision with the color you love, create a life you want... create the life you prefer... Splash."

Orebyte Media is Proud to offer The Photography & Artwork of Misha Dontsov to Fans and Collectors from around the world.

Resale & Exhibition

Orebyte Media Strictly Prohibits the Sale or Re-Sale of Artworks on Any Internet Website or Newspaper, including e-Bay or local publications. Follow Art Care Framing guidelines in the PRINTS section. Orebyte Media Prohibits the Public Exhibition of Artworks. If you are interested in a gallery viewing or exhibition please contact us for more information.

Orebyte Media Prohibits taking High Quality Photos "including cell phone" of Unframed Artwork and Posting On the Internet, Scanning, Reproduction or Distributing Digitally. If you do take a photo to share online, please take it at a "strong angle 45 degree" from the top, bottom, or sides, to prevent counterfeiting.


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