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The GODS Collection

The GODS Collection was created to show the Raw Power of each Artist as they perform on stage.  The Black and white Processing of the Artwork was chosen to create a truly timeless image.   The Artist created these pieces with the finest Paper and Ink that is available in the world.  The Fine Art Paper is from the same stock as The Master Painters and the Pigmented Ink is the same type used in the Pyramids of Egypt.  Black and Grey Inks have the longest longevity without fading and will last hundreds of years.  

The GODS Collection is printed on Three types of Paper.  Exhibition Fiber Cotton Soft Gloss, Silver Metallic Gloss and Fine Art Cotton Rag Matte.  Each paper has its own unique properties and characteristics.  Exhibition Fiber is similar to Traditional Silver Gelatin Darkroom Cotton Fiber Base Prints, Silver Metallic is like polished metal that reflects in the white areas, Fine Art Cotton Rag uses a Matte Black Ink with no reflection on the paper surface.

As an Artist and Photographer it is a constant challenge to capture the musical performance in what sometimes is limited to only 3 songs.  The Beauty of a True Black and White physical print is what kept the energy and momentum going during the creation of this series.  

We want to share some old school techniques, with the new school music fans.  This work has been a passion of music and art. It has been a long time in production, and we are proud to offer Hand Made prints to those fans that have the eye to appreciate everything about the music and the art that is The "GODS" Collection.  

There are many bands that have demonstrated they have the power to dominate the stage and we will pay homage to them by immortalizing their performances on Exhibition Fiber.  Stay tuned for more of your favorite bands.  This is just the beginning.  

Original Fine Art Prints are Extremely Limited and after the initial "Artist Proof" Run is exhausted they will be individually made to order.  Order Here at Orebyte Media Gallery

Original Prints are Individually hand made by the Artist and signed "Verso" on the back, Titled and Dated.  They come on The Museum Quality papers listed at the Top. Exhibition Fiber is the top shelf for this process, Silver Metallic and Fine Art RAG are also amazing finishes and are equally stunning.  We know  you will cherish these Fine Art Prints and enjoy them for a lifetime. 

Rock Prints are Original Reproduction Prints, they come from the same digital negative and are printed at a Professional Photo Lab on High Quality Kodak Paper. These Prints are not signed by the artist.  They Come in Kodak Endura, Glossy, Lustre or Metallic Pearl Finish.  

Rock Prints - Click Here to Order - Printed at a Professional Lab, Always In Stock, Fast Shipping Available. 

Original Prints - Click Here to Order - Printed by Artist, Limited Quantities on Hand, Signed. *Free shipping when you order more than one print, it does not have to be the same one. Pick Print Multiple - $0.00 when ordering.  *Framed Pieces - we take great care when packing and shipping them to you.  Framed Pieces are the absolute highest museum quality.  

FIR - Rolling Stone - Warped Tour 2014

At 1:45 Ronnie makes the pose for "WILD"

Falling In Reverse Live Video, was shot by fans at Warped Tour. Something very cool if you watch very closely, you can actually see some of these moments that were captured live.  The process of selecting the most powerful shots for each artist and then refining each piece to reflect the true essence of the live performance was the goal.  

FIR - Born To Lead - Warped Tour 2014

FIR - Fashionably Late - Warped Tour 2014

At 1:30 Ronnie makes the pose for "FRAMED"

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